Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Do-Over, a Turnover, Now it’s All Over for Michael Selsor

Instead of striving for more, sometimes it’s best to be thankful for what you’ve got—even if what you’ve got is a life sentence in jail.

After a string of violent gas station robberies that left one man dead and several others wounded, Michael Selsor was convicted of murder and sentenced to death in Oklahoma. But the very next year, that sentence was changed to life in prison when the Supreme Court declared the death penalty unconstitutional.

Instead of thanking his lucky stars while he grew old and gray in prison, Selsor demanded a new trial. He got one, and was found guilty of murder once again—but by then the death penalty was back in style, and Selsor earned himself a brand-spanking-new death sentence.


Prior to his execution today, Michael Selsor ate a last meal from Kentucky Fried Chicken. He requested a crispy two breast and one wing meal (with an added thigh), potato wedges, baked beans, two biscuits with honey, and an apple turnover.

And speaking of turnovers, Selsor will soon be turning over in his grave as he thinks about that cushy life sentence he could be enjoying right now.