Thursday, July 17, 2014

Middleton's Meal a Mystery No More

John Middleton, executed yesterday by the state of Missouri, must have gone to the gurney with one heck of a rumbling tummy. That's because his last meal was actually served 27 hours prior to his execution after a series of stays, appeals, and legal hurdles had to be navigated.

Middleton, a former meth dealer, was convicted of killing three people who snitched about his illegal activities to law enforcement. But Middleton never accepted the blame for the crimes, and went to his death still claiming to be innocent.

For his last meal, Middleton requested a cheeseburger, a pork steak, french fries, apple pie, and a chocolate milk shake. This was served at 4pm on July 15, with Middleton's execution originally scheduled for midnight that same day. That execution was stayed, however, and Middleton was actually executed at 7pm on July 16. But since he refused all standard-issue prison meals during that time, his "last meal" actually was his last meal.

A big thank you to the media relations folks at Missouri's DOC for the information.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Davis Dines, Dies, But Doesn't Deny

Eddie Wayne Davis--who even among death row inmates falls into the "worst of the worst" category for his unspeakable crime--was executed tonight by the state of Florida. The convicted child killer initially denied any involvement in his crime, but later confessed fully.

Unlike many recent death row inmates, Davis actually took the time to order and eat a special last meal. He dined on chopped steak with onion gravy, home fries, Brussels sprouts, corn, cherry ice cream, and Dr. Pepper.