Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Run, Forrest, the Execution Chamber!

Earl Forrest, convicted triple-killer and 10-time winner of the Missouri prison system's Allman Brothers Band Member Lookalike Contest, was executed tonight by that state. Forrest earned his death sentence after embarking on a drunken shooting spree in 2002 that left two acquaintances and a sheriff's deputy dead. Forrest got mad because he had set one of his acquaintances up with a new meth dealer, and in return that acquaintance had agreed to buy Forrest a new lawn mower and a mobile home. When the deal fell through, Forrest shot and killed his female friend and a male friend of hers, then shot and killed the deputy during a firefight with law enforcement officials.

For his last meal, Earl Forrest asked for steak, pasta, a fruit plate, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, chocolate cake, and milk.