Friday, August 19, 2011

Jerry Jackson Keeps His Last Meal Under Wraps

Jerry Jackson--executed yesterday for the brutal rape and murder of an 88-year-old woman--did order a special last meal, but opted to keep it a secret from the press.

Amazingly enough, the state of Virginia does allow this.  Each state has different rules regarding the last meal procedure; some allow inmates to order fast food or request a meal made from ingredients bought at local stores.  Others only honor requests for food available in the prison kitchen at the time.  In Virginia, the condemned person has to pick and choose from items on the prison's rotating 28-day menu, but it's also one of the few states that allow the inmate to keep his last meal a secret. (Yes, Virginia, there is a confidentiality clause)

Given the option, I think I'd rather have steak and lobster and broadcast my meal to the world rather than nibble on soggy fish sticks or mystery meat in private.    

Monday, August 15, 2011

On the Wait List: Jerry Jackson

Busboys at the Death Row Diner are now prepping a table for Jerry Jackson, scheduled to be executed in Virginia on August 18th.  Because of Virginia's stingy last meal rules, Jackson will only be allowed to choose food items from the prison's rotating 28-day menu---although any meal Jackson gets will be better than he deserves.

Jackson was convicted of raping and murdering an 88-year-old woman, and during his confession he claimed that he "liked older women."  Since Death Row inmates sometimes get TV privileges prior to their execution, I'd like to see the guards dangle a boxed set of Golden Girls DVDs in front of Jackson's nose and then snatch it away at the last minute.  It would serve him right.  Stay tuned for details about the final meal.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

No Last Meal for Martin Robles

Well, it's official; convicted murderer Martin Robles didn't eat anything at all before his execution yesterday.  A contact at the Texas Department of Corrections confirmed that not only did Robles not order a special meal--as was his right--but he also didn't eat the day's standard prison dinner.  No meal, no snacks, nothing.

Robles did make a final statement, but nobody understands it.  His last words were supposedly, "I love you, Israel," but why would a Latino gang member use his final statement to praise the Jewish homeland?  Maybe he was misunderstood, and actually said "Olive, you is real"--a grammatically incorrect shout out to Popeye's fictional girlfriend.  Or maybe the statement was "I love youth cereal"--a homage to Lucky Charms, Trix, and the other sugary breakfast foods Robles enjoyed as a child.

I'm just guessing here, because only Martin Robles knows what was actually said--and he's not talking.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

On the Wait List: Martin Robles

The next table at the Death Row Diner goes to Martin Robles, who is scheduled to be executed in Texas on August 10th.  Convicted of two gang-related murders, Robles at one point posted a bio of himself on a web site for inmates seeking pen pals.  He described himself as having "tattoos, bullet wounds, scars, and a pretty smile."  (Hint to other inmates; try leading with your best quality first!)

Among his hobbies, Robles listed drinking, fighting, and shooting dice.  He also claimed to love sex and the club scene, but since he's spent most of his adult life behind bars, I'm guessing that most of his---uh, "socializing"---has been with other inmates.  Check back in a few days for details on the last meal.