Saturday, July 16, 2011

Can a Person Order Anthing They Want for Their Last Meal?

Without a doubt, this is the question we're asked most often.  And the answer is---it depends!  Most people don't realize that each state has its own set of rules regarding the last meal of executed criminals.  In Oklahoma, for example, the last meal must cost less than $15 and can only be ordered from local restaurants; no last meals are cooked in the prison kitchen.  Florida offers a more generous $40 limit, and the prison chef will shop for groceries then prepare the meal himself if the inmate doesn't want take-out.  In Texas, inmates can only choose from food available in the prison kitchen at the time.  And with a $50 spending limit, California seems to offer a very generous last meal---the only catch is, inmates are forced to eat it standing up, wearing only their underwear!  (California prison officials describe this as "eating picnic-style."  It makes us curious about the picnics they've attended.)  For more information, see the "Dining Guide" section of our book! 

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