Thursday, April 26, 2012

In Texas, Both Prisoners & Poultry Are Condemned

Forget about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre; judging by the last meals of recent death row inmates, there's actually a Texas Chicken Massacre going on!

As our loyal readers know, Texas stopped allowing special last meals in 2011. Prisoners are now served the "daily special," meaning they get the same meal as every other inmate. But in 2012, every death row inmate in Texas was served some form of chicken prior to their execution.

The poultry came in all varieties. There was barbecued chicken. Chicken spaghetti. Chicken-fried steak (which is technically neither chicken nor steak but rather a deep-fried slice of lard, but it does have chicken in its name). Tonight, the tradition continued when Beunka Adams was served a last meal of chicken patties prior to his lethal injection. Adams was convicted for his part in a rape, robbery, and murder that left one person dead and two injured.

In his final statement, Adams showed remorse for his night of crime. He ended his speech by saying, "For everybody involved, I don't think any good came out of it."

And that includes one more Texas chicken.

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  1. There doesn't sound like there's a lot of texas vegetarians! But can you ever go wrong with chicken?