Thursday, September 20, 2012

Palmer Pigs Out on Peasant-Style Potluck

Not many death row inmates can navigate a menu with the flair of a well-heeled socialite; even in states like Ohio, where the last meal choices are fairly generous, inmates still tend to gorge themselves on fast food or sugary sweets.

Donald Palmer continued that tradition today prior to his execution in the Buckeye State. Palmer, who was convicted of shooting two complete strangers to death in 1989, asked for the following last meal; chipped ham, Velveeta cheese, 12 ounces of mayonnaise, two sliced fresh tomatoes, one loaf of wheat bread, one bag of ranch flavored Doritos, two large bags of peanut M&Ms, one quart of hazelnut ice cream, one piece of plain cheesecake, and six 20-ounce bottles of Coke. He supposedly ate everything except for the M&Ms.

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