Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Van Poyck Apparently Not Peckish

Our faithful readers already know that Florida serves up one of the best last meals in the country. The state allows a generous $40 spending limit, and the only rule is that the ingredients for the meal must be available at local stores. Steak is allowed. The same with lobster. Appetizers, salad, desserts? No problem. Prison chefs do the shopping then lovingly craft a tasty, succulent last meal for the condemned prisoner. But every once in a while, one of the death row inmates says "thanks but no thanks." Such was the case today before William Van Poyck was executed.

Van Poyck--which is pronounced "Van Poyk," according to countless news reports--so thanks for clearing that up--was convicted as the mastermind of a failed plot to free another inmate who was being transported in a prison van. One of the guards was killed, but Van Poyck always denied pulling the trigger himself and blamed the guard's death on his accomplice.

His final words were "set me free."

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