Monday, August 5, 2013

Ferguson's Figments Fuel Firestorm

The execution of John Ferguson by the state of Florida tonight caused quite a bit of controversy. During more than three decades on death row, Ferguson’s mental competence was constantly challenged. The convicted killer—who was involved in the deaths of at least eight people—referred to himself as the Prince of God and claimed that he will come back to life after his execution to help foil a communist plot against America.

Sounds crazy, right? A federal appeals court thought so, but also added that even though most people would label Ferguson’s beliefs “crazy,” someone who holds those beliefs could still be deemed competent enough to be executed.

We’re still trying to figure that one out.

Ferguson was nearly executed back in October of 2012, but was given a last-minute stay. He had already eaten his last meal when the execution was canceled, though. At the time, Ferguson asked for nothing more than a country-fried chicken sandwich and iced tea. Tonight, Ferguson ate the same menu as others in his unit. We’re not sure if that was by choice, or if the prison refused to grant another special request. Ferguson dined on meat and vegetable patties, white bread, steamed tomatoes, potato salad, diced carrots, and iced tea.

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