Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Four for Gore, But No More

The fourth time was a charm for Marshall Lee Gore, a repeat killer who was executed tonight in Florida after three previous execution dates were cancelled at the last minute.

Gore was found guilty of murdering two different women, and was given a death sentence for each homicide. Gore tried to escape his fate several times by claiming insanity, but his rants about Satan, the Illuminati, human sacrifices, and an unnamed senator who wanted to kill Gore and rip out his eyeballs failed to sway the legal system in his favor.

Because of his on-again, off-again execution schedule, Gore actually received multiple last meals. Back in July, he was served a steak, baked potato, and a Coke. For his last meal today, Marshall Gore asked for a sausage and pepperoni pizza and a Coke. He drank the Coke but left the pizza untouched.

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