Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nicklasson Nibbles Non-Nutritious Nourishment

Convicted killer Allen Nicklasson's early life was bizarre and somewhat nauseating; it's little surprise, then, that the last meal he chose before his execution today in the state of Missouri was equally bizarre and nauseating.

Nicklasson's mother was a mentally-ill stripper who shot up heroine in the home, fed her son Alpo dog food for dinner, and once coerced him into fighting a Doberman Pinscher for money. When Allen grew up, he found himself homeless and addicted to drugs. He and two other men went on a crime spree that ended with three people dead, including a good samaritan who was shot to death when he stopped to help the men fix their broken car.  

For his last meal, Nicklasson ordered a meat pizza, gummy bears, M&Ms, and orange juice--hopefully not all mixed together in a big bowl.

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  1. La pena di morte andrebbe inflitta agli individui direttamente ed indirettamente responsabili di ciò che questa persona ha subìto in vita sua...