Thursday, January 9, 2014

Final Justice, with a Cherry on Top

The convicted killer who planned the brutal death of a co-worker nearly two decades ago was executed tonight by the state of Oklahoma. Michael Lee Wilson was the mastermind who, along with three other men, bludgeoned a convenience store clerk to death in 1995. Two of the other killers have already been executed, while another is serving life in prison.

For his last meal, Michael Wilson requested a stuffed-crust meat lover's pizza with parmesan cheese, a pomegranate, one Cherry Dr. Pepper, and Cherry Mash candy, a locally-made Oklahoma candy bar that combines chocolate and peanuts with a chewy cherry-flavored center.

In his final statement, Wilson said, "I love everybody. Free is free. I am going home. I'm ready to go. I love you, world. Love my daughters for me. I'm going to miss you always." Then, after a brief pause, "I feel my whole body burning."

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