Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ray Jasper Goes from Rap to R.I.P.

Aspiring musician Ray Jasper wasn't much of a rap star, but he did build up quite a rap sheet. Jasper was executed by the state of Texas tonight for his part in the murder of a recording studio owner back in 1998. Jasper, who committed the crime along with two other men, claimed that he only slit the victim's throat and that the 25 stab wounds inflicted by the other two men are what ultimately caused the victim's demise.

Because Texas no longer allows special last meals, Jasper was served the same food as the rest of his unit. For his last meal, Jasper had baked chicken, roasted potatoes, a vegetable blend, navy beans, and sliced bread. He was given a choice of tea, punch, or water to drink.


  1. We miss him and we want Ray Jasper to come back to life.

    1. Wonder if he thought death row records was the same as death row. And the man actually killed and robbed a man why would you want him back. His mistake was leaving the Netherlands there we don't execute murderers