Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wings and Worms for Warner

Charles Warner, executed by the state of Oklahoma tonight for a heinous and brutal murder committed in 1997, was one of the few lucky death row inmates to order and eat not one but two last meals.

Prior to his first scheduled execution last year, Warner asked for a KFC meal of 20 boneless hot wings, potato wedges, two fruit cups, and cole slaw. Oklahoma last meals always come from fast food restaurants, and at the time the spending limit was only $15. Warner's date with the grim reaper was then put on hold because of concerns over the state's execution protocol, but by then the man had already consumed his last meal.

By the time Warner's second execution date rolled around, Oklahoma had increased the last meal spending limit to $25. For round two, Warner was able to repeat his first food order and also add a Big Mac and a bag of gummy worms because of the extra cash allowed.

So, Warner is obviously a big fan of both KFC and McDonald’s…which is odd, considering the fact that his mug shot clearly pays tribute to a completely different fast food icon.

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