Thursday, November 1, 2018

Hey Buddy, You Want a Knuckle Sandwich?

If most people were asked that question, the resounding answer would be no. But Edmund Zagorski isn’t your average guy in any way, shape, or form.

Zagorski earned his death sentence for shooting two men, slitting their throats, then robbing them during a drug deal. While awaiting his execution date on Tennessee’s death row, Zagorski decided to choose the electric chair instead of lethal injection as his method of execution.

But Zagorski wasn’t finished showing what a nonconformist he is. For his last meal, Zagorski chose pickled pig’s knuckles and pig’s tails, a meal that most people would deem even more “cruel and unusual” than a trip to the electric chair.

Let’s hope he didn’t drop any of that unusual last meal into his lap while he was eating, though, because no macho death row inmate wants to go to the electric chair with his tail between his legs.

Zagorski was executed this evening after proclaiming, “Let’s rock!”

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