Tuesday, December 4, 2018

This Seven Wasn't So Magnificent

Joseph Garcia, a member of the infamous “Texas Seven,” was executed tonight for his part in the murder of a police officer in 2000.

Together with six other inmates, Garcia escaped from prison and went on a crime spree with other members of the gang. During the robbery of a sporting goods store, one police officer was shot and killed. The “Texas Seven” were recaptured one month later; one member committed suicide as the police closed in, but the other six were apprehended and given the death penalty. Garcia is the fourth member of the gang to lie on the execution table.

Because Texas no longer allows special last meal requests, Garcia was given the same food as others in his unit. For his last meal, Joseph Garcia had a baked pork chop, pepper steak, sweet potatoes, pinto beans, steamed rice with brown gravy, corn, vegetarian beans, cornbread, sliced bread, and a choice of tea, punch, or water to drink.