Sunday, August 7, 2011

On the Wait List: Martin Robles

The next table at the Death Row Diner goes to Martin Robles, who is scheduled to be executed in Texas on August 10th.  Convicted of two gang-related murders, Robles at one point posted a bio of himself on a web site for inmates seeking pen pals.  He described himself as having "tattoos, bullet wounds, scars, and a pretty smile."  (Hint to other inmates; try leading with your best quality first!)

Among his hobbies, Robles listed drinking, fighting, and shooting dice.  He also claimed to love sex and the club scene, but since he's spent most of his adult life behind bars, I'm guessing that most of his---uh, "socializing"---has been with other inmates.  Check back in a few days for details on the last meal.

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