Thursday, August 11, 2011

No Last Meal for Martin Robles

Well, it's official; convicted murderer Martin Robles didn't eat anything at all before his execution yesterday.  A contact at the Texas Department of Corrections confirmed that not only did Robles not order a special meal--as was his right--but he also didn't eat the day's standard prison dinner.  No meal, no snacks, nothing.

Robles did make a final statement, but nobody understands it.  His last words were supposedly, "I love you, Israel," but why would a Latino gang member use his final statement to praise the Jewish homeland?  Maybe he was misunderstood, and actually said "Olive, you is real"--a grammatically incorrect shout out to Popeye's fictional girlfriend.  Or maybe the statement was "I love youth cereal"--a homage to Lucky Charms, Trix, and the other sugary breakfast foods Robles enjoyed as a child.

I'm just guessing here, because only Martin Robles knows what was actually said--and he's not talking.

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