Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reginald Brooks Orders Old-School Last Meal

Those who follow last meals know that we've been in a lull lately; ever since Texas stripped away the special last meal privilege a few months ago, the condemned in all states have either been ordering small, bland, unmemorable last meals or simply refusing to eat anything at all.

Then along comes Reginald Brooks, sentenced to die for killing his own three sons. Before his execution in Ohio, Brooks ate a last meal of lasagna, garlic bread, beef jerky, chocolate cake, Moose Tracks ice cream, cashews, almonds, caramel candy, and root beer.

Yes, it looks like something a six-year-old might order. Yes, it's nutritionally lacking. Yes, it's heavy on the sugar. Yes, it's too much food in general. In other words, a fine example of a traditional death row last meal.

And in keeping with that "act like a six-year-old" theme, Brooks apparently spent his last few moments of life flipping off the execution witnesses and prison officials with a two-handed middle-finger salute. One report claims--and I kid you not--that Brooks's middle fingers remained extended even after he died.

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