Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jesse Hernandez Gets a Taste of Justice---and Likes it!

Something strange is happening in Texas lately. When killer Keith Thurmond was executed there a few weeks ago, his final words before he died were, "I can taste it."

Tonight, child murderer Jesse Hernandez made a similar remark. As the lethal injection drugs began to flow through his system, Hernandez said, "I can feel it, taste it. It's not bad."

There have been countless stories in the news lately about a shortage of lethal injection drugs, or certain drugs being expired, or replacement drugs not being fully tested before they're used in an execution. To make the process more "customer-friendly," has Texas started flavoring its lethal injection drugs? Just like at the dentist's office, will inmates soon be able to choose between cherry, grape, or bubble gum flavored capital punishment? Will they be promised a prize from the "treasure box" if they behave during their procedure?

There's one drawback, though. Nobody likes going to the dentist. And nobody likes being executed. Put the two together and you'll have plenty of "patients" who throw a fit about going to their "appointment."

Since last year, Texas inmates no longer get to choose a special last meal. Hernandez was served chicken fried steak along with the rest of the prisoners.

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