Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Taste of Justice for Keith Thurmond

Keith Thurmond was always a bit angry and impulsive. One ex-girlfriend claimed that Thurmond stalked her, sexually assaulted her, and even cut the head off of one of her stuffed animals. He was also known to abuse his wife after all-night drinking bouts.

So when police came to Thurmond's house to transfer custody of his son to Thurmond's estranged wife, it's no surprise that Thurmond went bonkers. He put on a black karate outfit, grabbed a sword and a gun, then stomped down to the trailer where his wife and her new boyfriend lived. Thurmond shot his wife seven times then shot her new boyfriend and also beat him with the gun.

Plenty of witnesses saw the two murders, and Thurmond was convicted and given the death penalty. Before his execution, Thurmond soundly denied killing his wife but said nothing about her boyfriend. His last words before dying were "You can taste it." A reference to the lethal injection drugs, perhaps, or did Thurmond suddenly find his mouth filled with the bittersweet flavor of justice?

In 2011, Texas stopped allowing death row inmates to choose a special last meal prior to their executions. Thurmond was served the "meal of the day," which was chicken spaghetti.

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