Tuesday, December 4, 2012

George Ochoa Says, "I'll Have What He's Having."

I suppose death row inmates must find themselves strapped for good topics of conversation. Opening lines like "Seen any good movies lately?" or "So, you dating anybody?" just fall flat during prison chat sessions. But the folks on Oklahoma's death row must have been discussing last meals lately, because George Ochoa, who was executed tonight for his role in a double murder in 1993, ordered nearly the exact same last meal as his former cell block buddy Garry Thomas Allen, who was executed less than a month ago. Allen ordered a large meat lover's pizza and a Pepsi. Ochao ordered a large meat lover's pizza and a Coke.

Death row inmates in Oklahoma can only order food from local restaurants, with a spending limit of $15.

Oh, and the hosts of the fabled "Pepsi Challenge" taste test are keeping a careful tally of the results.

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