Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Sunny Side of Capital Punishment

Executions are normally a dreary business, but there was a "sunny side" to today's execution of Elmer Leon Carroll by the state of Florida. Two, actually. The first came when Carroll ordered his last meal; sunny-side-up eggs, bacon, sliced tomatoes, biscuits, avocados, a fruit salad of strawberries, papaya, peaches, and pineapple, and with canned milk to drink. The second "sunny moment" came when this barbaric child killer was finally removed from the earth.

Carroll was apparently a troublemaker to the end, and not even prison confinement could dampen his penchant for misbehaving. Over his 21 years on death row, Carroll was written up by prison officials 20 times for infractions ranging from making threats to attempted arson. 

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