Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lackey's Last Meal is Lacking

Last meal aficionados probably weren't shocked by the--shall we say, rustic--meal ordered by Andrew Lackey prior to his execution today in the state of Alabama.

First of all, the murder that earned Lackey his death sentence wasn't exactly an act of criminal genius. Lackey shot, stabbed, and beat an 80-year-old man to death in 2005 because the victim's grandson told Lackey that his grandfather had a secret vault in his basement filled with money and gold bars. Believing the tale, Lackey invaded the home and killed its resident when the aforementioned vault turned out to be nonexistent. Because of this, one would expect Lackey's tastes to be--shall we say, simple

Second, the last time we checked, Alabama was ranked 53rd on the list of US states with the greatest appreciation for gourmet cuisine. Therefore Lackey's choice of grilled cheese and turkey bologna sandwiches, with a side of French fries, seems utterly apropos.   

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