Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Texas Terminates Another Lethal Lee

Bobby Lee Hines was executed by the state of Texas tonight for killing and robbing a female neighbor in 1991. The robbery netted Hines four packs of cigarettes, a bowl full of pennies, and a gold charm shaped like a sand dollar.

If you’ve read our book, you’re already familiar with the tarnished image that comes with the name “Lee.” Countless executed men have had “Lee” as their middle name, and one study showed that 1 in 12 death row inmates have “Lee” somewhere in their name—either first, middle, or last. No one can explain why, but that particular moniker causes more than its share of dead-lee consequences.

Because Texas no longer allows special last meal requests, Hines was served the same food as everyone else on his cell block. The daily menu was grilled hamburger patties, beef hot links, French fries, green beans, pinto beans, mixed vegetables, rice, sliced bread, apple cobbler, lemonade, and milk.

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